CGI Services.

Computer Generated Imagery can be a great asset in the creative toolbox, while also being a strategic production solution for solving a variety of content challenges. Our team of artists are experts in leveraging cutting-edge technology to craft stunning visuals that bring product stories and creative concepts to life.

CGI //

Our CGI production service specialties.

Creative Design //

Limitless creative freedom to craft the most exciting visuals imaginable.

Production Efficiency //

Building a CGI workflow allows us to generate assets that not only benefit the short-term, but also better position us for long-term content creation.

Asset Availability and Extension //

When real-world assets are hard to come by, CGI can be a great solution to alleviate pinches in content production.

Creative Design //

Unlocking limitless creative freedom.

Not being bound by the limitations of the physical world mean we can place camera’s anywhere, reveal the invisible and make magic. When a product story or creative design calls for a unique visual story, our team of artists and designers can help guide you along the production path to creating something visually striking and remarkable.

Production Efficiency //

Getting more for your content production budget.

Once a live-action production has wrapped, the asset generation is finished. With CGI, every scene we build and every product we model, can be leveraged as a future asset down the road. Over-time, we build a library of assets that allow us a production starting point much further along than when we first get started, which leads to quicker production schedules and lower production costs.

Asset Availability and Extension //

Practical solutions for content production challenges.

It’s hard to shoot a product that isn’t available or doesn’t yet exist and in those cases, CGI can be the only viable solution. Our team of artists are experienced in using reference that is available, to creative photo-real images. Taking that a step further, at times it’s more practical to update an existing image with a new product than to creative a whole new one. In those cases, CGI can be a great asset in extending your current library of image or video assets, to include current products without a new production necessary.

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