Timberland Pro - Trailwind Hiker //

The Trailwind Hiker brings the comfort and flexibility of a hiking boot with the toughness, durability and protection of a work boot. In this 
:15 full CG animation, we wanted to bring to life the product features that differentiate the Trailwind, with attention grabbing visuals that showcase its functionality. Doing so required a full build of a CG environment, modeling and texturing of the boot from a 3D scan of the product and a slow motion water splash simulation.

Timberland Pro - H2T Cool //

Timberland Pro is designing products thats are modernizing work wear. Unlike the unofficial uniform of the past, the new products they are coming out with are comfortable, flexible and designed to compliment the physically challenging jobs of those who are building the infrastructure of our future. This :15 second full CG animation dramatizes the break through nature of their new product line and required the modeling and texturing of 5 products in addition to shatter effects and a CG environment.

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