Motion Production Services.

Whether the creative design calls for 3D, 2D, live-action or a combination of mediums, our creative and production team is ready to tackle any project from storyboarding and scriptwriting to final deliverable.

Motion //

Our high-quality motion design specialties.

Animation //

Where any idea is possible, and where thoughtful and strategic design shine.

Live-Action //

When the best way to tell the brand story is through the real world.

VFX //

Dramatic shots that go where the real world can’t.

Animation Production //

Great animation requires strategic design.

When creating 2D or 3D animation anything is possible, which makes it critical that the team of artists working on the project are guided by the projects strategic objective. At Clutch, we bring our expertise in script writing, storyboarding, and conceptual look development to the beginning of every animation project and allow that to guide the production from start to finish. The result is that our artists and animators focus on crafting stunningly beautiful visuals, and our production is guided by clear design objectives informed by a team who organized the concepts strategic message.

Live-Action Production //

For when authenticity is paramount.

Some stories need to be told in the real world. When live-action is the right vehicle, we are ready to bring our creative and production skillset to the project to concept, write, storyboard, direct, shoot and edit. As with every project, we bring our production strategy expertise to the table allowing us to guide and direct the creative to the best possible and most efficient end product.

VFX Production //

Combining element of the real world with the super natural.

When creating a photo-real CG simulation or live-action composite, VFX is a powerful tool in the creative toolbox to create unique and memorable visuals. Our deep knowledge of CG production and skillset in crafting beautiful imagery makes a great partner for bringing any type of VFX concept to life.

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