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Launching a product with CG assets.

How we designed a photo-real CG production workflow, tailored to meet the needs of product launch schedules and maximize production efficiency.

Availability //

Building a photo-real CG model without product accessibility.

Lack of product accessibility is often a key factor in brands opting for photo-real CG imagery vs. Photography. At Clutch, our goal is to provide a solution in which the production methodology is seamless to the viewer. Passing this bar is made more difficult without available product to reference, so overcoming that challenge means that our artists and our production team need to become experts in brand product characteristics. For Moen, Clutch has developed custom methodology for perfecting the finest details, such as procedurally generating finish scratches and water spray patterns.

Consistency //

Maintaining the brand standard while evolving with the new direction.

With photography, the raw image that is captured in camera is rarely the finished marketing asset. Creative design teams work to give brand imagery a custom look that differentiates it from the competition and reinforces brand characteristics. The same logic applies with CG photoreal imagery, which is why at Clutch, we build our process so our CG team and retouching team work hand-in-hand to create imagery that not only looks real, but also fits the brand product and image styling guidelines. When launching a new product that needs a new visual direction, our creative team works with our partners to explore how the current style needs to evolve so we have a clear guideline of our creative direction before we start production.

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Efficiency //

Utilization of existing assets to extend production value.

Product assets usually come in one of three forms, the product without a background, a photographic background or a CG generated background. CG offers significant efficiency advantages over photography with either a photographic background of CG background and we are skilled in utilizing any type of asset we can to maximize the efficiency of the CG production process.

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