A better digital hub for all your creative assets.

You spent time, money, and resources creating high-impact marketing and digital assets; make sure your team has access when they need it. By implementing proven DAM technology, curating libraries with relevant content, and engaging with your active community, we help you get more from your valuable marketing and digital assets. As your partner in this process, you won't be left alone to manage the platform after launch. We're in it for the long haul, delivering services and support for your marketing organization and user groups.

Content Management //

Pillars of Content Management Success

Proven Technology //

Proper DAM platform selection that fits your business strategy is key.

Platform Implementation //

Once you have the right platform selected, it's critical to deliver proper deployment and best configuration, to meet your business use cases.

Relevant Content //

We’re in the business of managing the full asset lifecycle, from concept to distribution.

Change Management //

As your platform and digital strategy transforms your users need to remain informed for maximum effectiveness.

Active Community //

Impress your partnerships and teams with high-impact assets at their disposal.

Artificial Intelligence //

We can help you determine where you can leverage AI within and around your creative process.

Clutch Studios

Proven Technology //

Getting more usage out of your impactful marketing and digital assets starts by choosing the right platform, and we can guide you along the way.

One of the keys to success in the digital landscape is your DAM Platform. Ensuring your DAM fits your current business strategy is key. We help our clients ensure they are on the right platform to fit their current and future strategies.

Platform Implementation //

The right implementation partners will help your company achieve the vision and strategy much quicker.

Whether it’s a platform upgrade or a new implementation, we have the expertise in metadata and taxonomy schema design and our teams are experienced with small to large-scale asset migrations. We have the resources and solutions to help manage your implementation from beginning to launch and beyond.

Relevant Content //

Filtered, tagged, and easy to find is half the battle. The other half is keeping content relevant to your audience.

We’re in the business of managing the full asset lifecycle, including; creating, organizing, tagging, and managing assets from inception to distribution. Ensuring your content has the right metadata and taxonomy powers the quality of your asset search results, and provides your users the ability to drill down to the desired content, quickly and easily. Our content librarians govern client content to ensure your DAM platform meets their users expectations.

Change Management //

Whether it's weekly open "office hours" sessions, monthly newsletters, video tutorials, user guides and bi-monthly training workshops, we keep our users informed on platform innovations.

Success comes from user adoption and user experience satisfaction. Our teams provide Change Management services for the world’s top brands each day. Our training and ongoing communication strategies help ensure long-term success. Change Management strategies and actions are important industry best practices that help guarantee success in your DAM strategies and initiatives.

Active Community //

Keeping an engaged user base requires listening and responding to their needs. We can help facilitate a two-way engagement that keeps your users coming back.

The best marketing assets are the ones that get used by your sales and marketing team. Our Content Management service knows how to facilitate asset utilization so your team can get the most out of the assets they currently have, while at the same time planning for future content that needs to be created. Ensuring the most relevant content is available to your user community is paramount to success.

Artificial Intelligence //

Understanding these powerful tools can improve your teams performance and increase your speed to market.

The emergence of generative AI and it's impact on creative operations continues to evolve at a rapid pace. We are at the table, helping our largest clients understand this landscape to develop standards and determine which technologies and services are best suited for their specific use cases.

Content Management Capabilities

Corporate //

  • Digital Transformation Strategy

  • System selection, migration/implementation, updates/upgrades/evolution

  • Roadmap development

  • System administration and content management

  • Artificial Intelligence and Generative AI assessment and implementation

  • Metrics reporting

  • Template programming

  • Creative Process Optimization and support

  • Manage DAM and Partner vendor relationships

  • Manage RFP & DAM platform selections

  • Manage Agency Transactions

  • Metadata and taxonomy schema strategies and design

  • Day-to-day asset management (Content librarians)

  • Digital rights management

  • North American and International based teams

Users //

  • Live training webinars

  • Training materials (documents, videos, etc.)

  • Help desk support

  • User group moderation

  • Graphics support (converting files, logos, etc.)

  • Retail best-practice consulting

  • Asset governance

Localized Programs //

  • Create and implement marketing and retail programs that enable local markets to efficiently create, localize, manage, and measure marketing communications across various channels.

  • Promotional creative and design executions

  • Program Management

  • Local engagement and support

  • Metrics reporting

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