How photo-real CGI is helping brand marketers meet their content needs during COVID-19 restrictions.

As the forecast for COVID-19 restrictions fluctuate, brands are busy planning their content production needs in an uncertain future. One tool that has proved useful for many brands is photo-real CGI, and in a time when photo-shoots aren’t an option, it offers significant advantages to our clients beyond keeping us at a distance.

At Clutch Studios, there are three types of photo-real CGI that our clients are looking for, product imagery in studio,  product imagery in a photographic environment and product imagery in a CG environments. Brendan Eddy – the Director of our CG department, weighs in on the advantages that photo-real CGI can offer brands looking for content production solutions.

CGI Studio Product Imagery

“Once we have the product modeled, the art direction experience of CG studio product imagery when compared to traditional photography is pretty much identical. Technology has advanced to the point where we can tweak lighting, reflections, shadows etc. and the artist can see results pretty much instantaneously like you would on a photo set. The difference is that we’ve now created a digital asset, which can be repurposed an infinite number of ways to fill a variety of needs. Often times our clients don’t know at the time what it will be used for in the future, but having a digital asset that can be repurposed opens up a lot of possibilities that wouldn’t have been available otherwise.


CG Product Imagery in photographic backplates

When placing a CG Asset in a photographed backplate matching the temperature of the light, and qualities the of the camera are key. Our proprietary color workflow allows us to bring any photography or footage into the color space that all of our CG assets are created in. This allows perfect integration into any photographic back plate, whether it is Stock, or Client provided photography. If new backplates are needed Clutch can shoot 360 spherical imagery that only requires a single photographer since all of the art direction happens after that asset is captured.


CG Product Imagery in CG environments

Building CG environments is one of our favorite things to do since it really allows us to take control of the whole scene. We can art direct every aspect of the scene to match the look our clients are after, and like with product modeling, we are creating digital assets that can be modified or repurposed to create an endless amount of variations. Whether creating environments indoors or outdoors, at Clutch we’ve streamlined our pipeline to deliver maximum efficiency on the environments we make and our creative team works closely with our clients to get the most out of them.”


At Clutch we’re experts in content creation and we’re ready to support our partners in any way we can with our expertise in CGI, retouching, photography, editorial and creative development. We’d love to learn about your business and any content development challenges your facing.

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