Exploring the possibilities of CG animation for brand content creation during COVID-19 and beyond.

CG animation can take many forms, and at Clutch, we’ve been hearing from some of our partners who are curious about whether CG animation is the right solution for them, particularly with the restrictions on live-action production.

We’ve combined some of the questions into a Q&A with our Creative Director Brian Colbert to lend some insight into our process and how brand marketers can get the most out of CG animation.

What is the best creative use of CG animation?

With CG the creative possibilities are endless, but we find that CG is an especially good tool for creating interest where it would otherwise feel lackluster. CG allows us to visualize what can’t be seen otherwise, which makes for beautiful design possibility whether we are creating a large budget production or working on a smaller scale. Product features, product design and product functionality all come to life in CG.

 What kind of projects is CG animation good for?

Everything from a brand launch to a social post. The scope of a project is defined by how many unique shots and assets we will need to create to complete the animation and one thing we love to do is partner with our clients to guide the creative process in a direction that maximizes production efficiency. By doing so we often find we’re able to deliver far more than expected at a higher production value than would have been achieved otherwise.

 How does a typical process work?

Before we begin production our goal is to have a story board that accurately represents the vision for the end product. Sometimes that board is provided to us, but often we start by creating style frames at a range of production values. Once a style is selected we get to work mapping out the full story board as well as timing and transition from shot to shot. These days, we realize businesses are working hard to reconfigure their plans for content production, we’re always happy to jump on the phone and provide as much insight or expertise on a project as we can regardless of how far along they are on the project.


At Clutch we’re experts in content creation and we’re ready to support our partners in any way we can with our expertise in CGI, retouching, photography, editorial and creative development. We’d love to learn about your business and any content development challenges your facing.

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