How digital assets and retouching work together to keep brand content fresh during COVID-19.


Many of our partners are thinking through how to achieve their marketing goals considering the impact COVID-19 has already had on content production.

One option some have had success with is retouching digital products into their current image libraries. We asked our Director of Digital Imaging Tom Bellair to lend some insight into our process and how creative technology can help brand marketers achieve their goals in 2020.


Why use digital assets in retouching?

We find that a lot of times, to make the updates to the image required, we need parts of the image that aren’t there. That’s where digital assets come into play and where the creative possibilities of what the image can become expand. With the combination of digital assets and retouching we can make substantial modifications accurately and efficiently while maintaining the images look and standard.


How does the process work?

We start by identifying the updates needed and collecting whatever visual reference we can get. From there we evaluate the image and determine what pieces will need to be created in 3D and get to work building those assets to match the camera angle, lighting, and lensing of the image. Once we have the pieces of the puzzle we need, we combine the assets and let our artists perfect the color and texture of the new assets to make the combination seamless.


What if updates beyond the product are involved?

One of the exciting things about this approach is that it gives us a lot of latitude to be problem solvers. We can use stock imagery to transition a scene, we can add digital assets into the scene that aren’t product-related, it gives our team the chance to be creative and bring our artistry to the table to create something totally original.  


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